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Romania considers implementing changes to car tax application area

The Inter-ministerial Working Group on the car tax has in view a likely modification of the scope of application, and the algorithm for calculating it, following a decision by the Court of Justice of the European Union (ECJ), head of the Department for European Affairs (DAE) of the Government, Bogdan Manoiu.

However, the minister stressed that the Luxembourg Court’s ruling has no direct incidence on the Romanian legislation, in this phase.

„To manage in the future any other lawsuits or, more importantly, to avoid the initiation of some future lawsuits, the Ministry of Environment as well as us all, the other participants in the Working Group, considered that a likely solution is to amend the legislation.

Direct incidence of the ruling in Luxembourg on the legislation does not exist, but the ruling itself is mandatory for the national law court, which must keep account of it „, said Manoiu.

A month ago, the European Union Court of Justice decided that the pollution tax imposed by Romanian legislation, and that applies to the first registration of vehicles, is contrary to the Community law.

The Environment Ministry argued at that time that the European court’s decision does not refer to the legality of the entire law, but leaves room of interpretation in case of some provisions.

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