Foreign Ministry launches website for expat Romanians’ vote by mail

The Foreign Ministry (MAE) launches on Monday, in the presence of chief diplomat Teodor Baconschi, the website that makes it possible for Romanian voters residing abroad to vote by mail.

The bill launched by the Foreign Ministry for public debate on December 28, 2010 meets the requests of Romanian citizens living outside country borders and complements the legal election framework by introducing an alternative to classical ballot casting, after the model already applied in other European Union member states.

The bill was published on the Ministry’s website, section „Legislation” under the header „Decision-making Transparency,’ where it was accessible for 30 days, during the public consultation process.

The Foreign Ministry has initiated this law based on its experience with organizing voting abroad and similar bodies of legislation in force in Italy, Austria, Great Britain and Belgium were consulted when working out the bill.

Drafting the law was an inter-institutional effort based on the Foreign Ministry’s cooperation with the Permanent Electoral Authority and the Ministry of Administration and the Interior. According to MAE, the law was devised in a spirit of open work, seeking to serve Romanian citizens abroad.

The adoption of this law is expected to increase voter turnout, boost the number of voters outside country borders who so far did not participate in this democratic process because of the too great distances separating them from polling stations and of the queues they had to stand in order to cast their ballot.

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