New PNDR change request submitted to EC aimed at upgrading farms and agricultural products valuing systems

Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Valeriu Tabara asked the European Commission (EC) to approve a new amendment to the National Programme for Rural Development (PNDR) 2007-2013, the sixth, for financing more investments in the aim to modernize farms and agricultural products valuing systems.

„We want a sixth amendment to the National Programme for Rural Development 2007 – 2013 in order to provide more money for investments, earmarked for modernization of farms and of the agricultural products valuing systems.

On PNDR measures launched this year, exceeding one billion euros, we want to be able to promote those which come to the aid of the farmers, namely those regarding the storage and technical equipment of agricultural exploitations, including for developing some processing units.

We want to develop small slaughterhouses, small factories of milk processing, in the aim to obtain a higher number of regional brands”, said Valeriu Tabara on Tuesday May 10, in a press conference.

He added that currently there is a good cooperation with the European Commissioner for Agriculture, Dacian Ciolos, but also with his team, including on completion of the Common Agricultural Policy after 2014.

„We currently prepare Romania’s agricultural strategy 2014-2020, in which the development of small farms projects and complementary markets are priority goals. We want to very quickly put them in place, to start the funding ahead of 2014 „, added the Agriculture Minister.

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