Traian Basescu: Romania is and will stay fully devoted to its European destiny


Romania is and will stay a state fully devoted to its European destiny and as Romanians and European citizens, we are duty-bound and have the potential to contribute to the assertion of the common identity of Europe, said President Traian Basescu in the message he sent on Monday on celebrating the Europe Day.

‘It is in Romania’s interest that the European Union we belong to should go on consolidating from a political and economic point of view. … We make more and more progress in the steps we are taking in order to make our being one of the Union member states bring as many benefits as possible both for Romania and the Romanians and for the Union and its citizens.

Celebrating today the Europe Day confirms the fact that the most ambitious projects can come true and the common ideals can change into concrete policies to the benefit of all European citizens,’ reads the message sent by the Head of State and published by the Presidential Administration.

President Basescu thinks that today’s Europe has made progress from the moment when it started putting into practice the ‘great European project’ and solidarity has stayed a fundamental principle of actions in all over the community.

He also said that the Europe Day was equally an opportunity for celebration and reflection, considering the fact that there will be 61 years since the first official step that, in the course of time, made it possible to build the present-day European Union.

In his message the President emphasizes the fact that the statement made on May 9, 1950 by French Minister of Foreign Affairs Robert Schuman had the merit of putting Europe on the road to a common future of ‘peace and prosperity.’

‘Today the European Union is made up of 27 member states, with a population amounting to over half a billion citizens, who benefit by rights and share common responsibilities. We are happy to celebrate the values and principles the European Union is grounded on: liberty, democracy, equality, the rule of law, the observance of human rights and, last but not least, solidarity,’ also says the Head of State in his message.

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