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Transport Minister Boagiu: Constanta Port should become European Union’s second biggest

Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Anca Boagiu would like the Black Sea Constanta Port to become the second biggest in the European Union.

„There is a very generous list of highly important projects to what the development of the Danube River means.

All the investment projects we have in mind are designed to move road and railway transportation to inland transportation so that, in the end, Constanta Port may become the second biggest in the European Union,” Transport Minister Boagiu told.

Boagiu pointed out that Romania and Austria are the coordinators of the EU”s Danube Strategy and the value of transport projects carried out over the past years in Tulcea County is standing at 240 million euros, which has benefited the county directly.

„Besides these projects, there are two additional big projects. One is about a lease for the construction of the Marina port – a project worth 415 million euros – and the other is a waste management project worth 465 million euros,” said Boagiu.

Among the carried out or underway projects are projects for the consolidation of the Danube banks at Isaccea, infrastructure upgrading works at Tulcea Port and feasibility studies for the establishment of traffic information and management systems for the Romania portion of the Danube.

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