ForMin Baconschi: Joining Schengen space in 2011 remains a national strategic goal


Romania’s accession to the Schengen space in 2011 remains a national strategic goal, crossing the party lines, and in order to attain it the authorities in Bucharest make sustained diplomatic efforts, said the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Teodor Baconschi, in an interview given to the National Press Agency AGERPRES.

„Joining the Schengen space in 2011 remains a national strategic goal, crossing the party lines, and in order to achieve it we make sustained diplomatic efforts. We will continue intensive diplomatic efforts at the level of the Member States, including those which manifest some reservations, but also at the level of the European institutions – European Commission and European Parliament. We successfully completed the technical evaluation process.

We also obtained the favorable opinion of the expert committee, LIBE, of the European Parliament, and I trust that we will also receive a favorable opinion from the plenum, in early June. All these elements, the technical component, respectively the political component of this accession, once achieved, are likely to set the premises for a favorable decision by the JHA Council.

However, we have to be realistic and recognize that events in northern Africa have deepened the EU’s internal debates on migration and modification of the Schengen space. Romania look positively forward and is engaged in the efforts to strengthen the Schengen space „, stressed the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Regarding the anti-missile shield, Teodor Baconschi said that the most important is that Romania’s participation in the project brings an added security both for our country, as well as for the European allies within NATO.

„Feedback from the EU countries – 21 of them are, as you know, also NATO members – have not revealed critical approaches. We will continue to inform, in the spirit of transparency, the EU Member States on the developments in our cooperation with the U.S. on this file, but substantive talks will take place within NATO „, the Minister added.

Baconschi reminded that the anti-missile system is purely defensive, and does not affect the strategic deterrent capacity of the Russian Federation, therefore Romania will continue to support an open and transparent dialogue on the topic of missile defense in the format of NATO-Russia Council (NRC).

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