PDL’s Boc: Romania’s modernisation and winning the 2012 elections, main priorities of PDL leadership

Newly reelected national leader of the Democratic Liberal Party (PDL), major at rule, Emil Boc told journalists, at the end of the party”s National Convention meeting on Sunday night, that the main priorities of the new PDL leadership are continuing to modernise Romania and winning the 2012 elections.

„The main responsibility incumbent on the new leadership is to continue the modernisation of Romania, so that all we have served in our political career, the citizens, the people, may feel it in their lives that PDL is governing Romania and is promoting those policies which, after two hard years, will bring about the much hoped for prosperity, which we are expecting late this year and especially next year.

Because, as it could have been seen, halting the economic decline is no longer an empty promise, but a reality. Yet, we are aware that emerging from the recession is just the first step toward emerging from the crisis,” said Boc.

Boc underscored that the most difficult task will be winning the 2012 elections.

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