„Portile de Fier” Nature Park, declared an international important Ramsar site

„Portile de Fier” Nature Park, located in southwestern Romania, with an area of 115,655 hectares, was declared a Ramsar site, being included on the List of Wetlands of International Importance.

The director of this protected areas, Marian Jiplea, told that the new status gives Administration the opportunity to access international funds for the protection and reconstruction of flora and fauna in the Danube „Clisura” zone.

„We have begun efforts to include the park into the pan-European network four years ago, and meantime we submitted a series of documents related to criteria imposed by the international legislation in the matter. And finally our efforts were not in vain”, Jiplea said.

He stressed that in the „Portile de Fier” Nature Park there are identified 4,000 flora species and 5,339 fauna species, about 8 percent of them being included on the red list, namely threatened with disappearance.

In Romania, some other declared Ramsar sites are the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve, the Small Braila pond, Mures’s Meadow, Techirghiol Lake and Dumbravita fisheries complex.

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