Chamber of Deputies Speaker does not rule out a government reshuffle

Chamber of Deputies Speaker Roberta Anastase said that, in respect of an eventual Government reshuffle, the Democratic Liberal Party / PDL, main at rule / should assess such a move, but she stressed that so far the party did not discuss this subject.

Asked about Ioan Oltean’s declarations, Anastase said that she does not exclude a likely Cabinet reshuffle, stressing however that a discussion to this end did not take place in the PDL.

„Certainly, if there are opinions of this kind, it is natural to have an evaluation, and we can decide what we view as necessary. But this discussion did not take place”, said Anastase.

The Lower Chamber’s Speaker accused existence of a press campaign in connection with Premier Emil Boc’s removal from the Executive’s helm.

She also added that the Labor Minister will be appointed shortly, but that this subject was also not debated by PDL on Monday.(May 16th 2011)

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