PM Boc: Freshly inked 200,000 work contracts signal emergence from recession


The roughly 200,000 freshly concluded work contracts are hard-fact proof that we are exiting recession, said Emil Boc, Prime Minister and acting holder of the portfolio of the Ministry of Labor, Social Solidarity and Family, upon his leaving the Ministry headquarters.

Emil Boc’s agenda as Minister of Labor also includes the establishment of the manner whereby the social laws will be enforced.

„Together with the colleagues in the Ministry, I decided today that the laws subsequent to the recently adopted social legislation be finalized and passed by December 31, so that they be readily enforced on January 1, 2012,” said Emil Boc.

Interim Labor Minister Emil Boc also announced that the upper income threshold per family member that qualifies for the disbursement of the heating subsidy would be established by the end of the summer.

„For the interval November – March, families collecting around 800 lei (1 euro trades for 4.1 lei) per member will receive the heating subsidy but the amount thereof and the precise income ceiling are still subject to discussion,” said Emil Boc.

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