Traian Basescu: Public space heavily polluted by irresponsible statements

The public space has grown heavily polluted by statements devoid of responsibility, President Traian Basescu declared in a Bucharest Court at his hearing in the lawsuit whereby he asks that PSD deputy Mugurel Surupaceanu be ordered to pay symbolic damages in amount of 1 leu for his statements about the marketing of hallucinogenic plants.

„I do not know what the defendant exactly said other than what I filed the complaint for. I confess that at first I didn’t even pay attention, it’s only when I saw the effects in media running headlines like ‘Basescu Financed his Campaign by Drugs Money’ that I realized what an ill-fortunate effect it had. (…) I considered I had to take action,’ said the head of state.

Traian Basescu reminded that in 2009 he appointed, based on personal agreement, a commission of experts tasked with analyzing the Romanian social environment and the risks to the Romanian society, for drawing up a report in the end.

„The report does not recommend the decriminalization of drug use. It suggests that an analysis be conducted on whether drug users would face lesser risks if the consumption of hard drugs were incriminated, leaving the consumption of light drugs legal,” said the President.

Deputy of the opposition’s Social Democratic Party (PSD) Mugurel Surupaceanu, the initiator of an anti-drug law, announced on February 14, 2010 that he had requested the establishment of a parliamentary committee to investigate the business of shops selling hallucinogenic products, suggesting that vested interest groups in PDL would be directly involved in dealings with light drugs.

Surupaceanu also claimed that in September 2009 the Presidential Commission on social risk analysis recommended the decriminalization of light drugs consumption.

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