UDMR’s Kelemen: There is no negotiation with USL over UDMR pulling out of the coalition government

Chief of the Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania (UDMR), minor at rule, Hunor Kelemen is denying rumours carried by the media that there would have been negotiations with the opposition Social Democratic Union (USL) over UDMR pulling out of the ruling coalition.

‘There is no negotiation with the USL, no talks and the rumour that emerged this afternoon in false. There are no formal or informal talks and UDMR is in the coalition. We cannot have talks about how long we stay in the coalition, because we do not have the habit of having such talks,’ Kelemen told Agerpres on Wednesday evening.

He pointed out the there is no talk of UDMR having talks or negotiations with the USL as long as it is part of the coalition government.

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