Newborn dolphin rescued from Constanta beach

The volunteers of the „Oceanic Club” Dolphin Rescue Center spared no efforts to save a one-day old baby dolphin found stranded on a Constanta beach (south-eastern Romania).

The executive director of the „Oceanic Club’ environmental organization, biologist Razvan Popescu-Mirceni, said that the story of the baby dolphin strayed away from its mother just hours after birth is very tragic.

„We are practically in a situation without precedent. The male calf strayed from its mother today, just hours after being born, and became stranded on a beach in the north of Constanta.

It was lucky to be quickly spotted by a passer-by who called the 112 Emergency Service which in turn contacted the Oceanic Club and that’s how we took the „orphan” in our care.

We have now moved him into an inflatable swimming pool with water just enough so that he does not drown and we feed him with a syringe a mixture of powdered milk for premature infants, vitamins, fish and other nutrient compounds. We must first teach him to eat and then to swim.

The vets said he has high chances to survive because he is a robust baby, but the following 72 hours are crucial for his life,” said Mirceni.

The biologist said that the Ocean Club volunteers will set off at high seas with a boat in an attempt to identify the group the baby dolphin comes from.

„The problem is that we have to find exactly his family because otherwise he will not be accepted, they would banish him and he would stand little chance to survive, because he must learn to catch fish. We’ll see. If we cannot set him free in his own natural environment maybe we will accommodate him at the dolphinarium, in a separate tank,” added Popescu-Mirceni.

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