Romania must focus and benefit from its fortes, IT is one of them

Romania must focus and benefit from its fortes, IT is one of them, says General Manager of IBM Romania Bogdan Balaci, board member of the US Trade Chamber in Romania (AmCham).

Bogdan Balaci speaks about the development of the IT market, about the fortes of Romania in this field and also about the recent projects of investments unfolded by the IMB company.

He sees in a good light Romania’s economic development from the investors” point of view, of the AmCham members.

„We all hope for Romania to emerge as soon as possible from this economic crisis,” Balaci said, by reiterating the fact that the IT companies have kept investing in Romania over these two recent years of crisis.

Bogdan Balaci thinks that this fact proves the IT sector represents a forte of Romania, and when there is a forte that first of all represents the capabilities Romania provides with respect to IT, plus the linguistic capabilities – in Romania there are IT experts speaking English, French, Spanish, German, Hungarian whereas in other European countries these experts are hard to be found – this forte ultimately has value and „the value is very slowly degrading even in crisis situations.”

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