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Danube-Black Sea Canal makes EUR 1 ml in annual profits


To mark the 27th anniversary of the opening of the Danube – Black Sea and the Poarta Alba – Midia Navodari canals to navigation, the Navigable Canals Administration (ACN) organized on Tuesday at the Constanta Maritime University the event „How it was made.”

The guests attending the event spoke about the construction of the navigation thoroughfare, „a 100 pct Romania-made product of top importance for both the country and Europe, said CN ACN SA director general Ilie Valentin Zeicu.

As part of the staged event, students of the Constanta Maritime University watched a documentary about the project. The canal was conceived as a strategic goal for the Port of Constanta. The connection accomplished between the ports of Cernavoda and Constanta shortened the route of ships traveling from the Black Sea to the Central European Danube ports by about 400 kilometers. The Poarta Alba-Midia Navodari Canal, which connects to the Midia port via the two locks at Ovidiu and Navodari, lies 29 km away from the Danube – Black Sea Canal.

Currently, the canal is part of the pan-European Corridor VII and serves as a gateway for both goods and tourists. People travel the waterways from Central Europe to continue their journey at sea.

„This year, for instance, we have a higher number of passenger ships planned than in 2010. The canal produces a lot of money, at least one million euros in annual profit,” added the director general.


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