Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve Authority receives Quality Coast Award


The Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve Authority in Tulcea (eastern Romania), an institution subordinated to the Ministry of the Environment and Forestry, received the Quality Coast Award as a recognition of the reserve being one of the top destination according to the Quality Coast standards.

A release on Wednesday reads that the prize was awarded to the delegation of the above-mentioned institution who attended a ceremony at Kouklia in Cyprus on May 13 organised by Johan Vande Lanotte, Belgian Minister of State.

He attended the ceremony as president of the Coastal & Marine Union (EUCC) and of the international jury of Quality Coast, acknowledging the endeavours towards protection and preservation to aid the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve, a Ramsar site included in the World Cultural Heritage.

„This prize comes as an independent recognition for the performance attained by the coastal communities and the tourism services that meet the twenty quality standards. Quality Coast aims to establish a world network of coastal communities to share the same views and methods for sustainable development, by integrating natural, cultural and social values, yet upholding the high standards of quality for the tourism activities,” reads the release undersigned by Reserve governor Grigore Baboianu.

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