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Basescu on Constitution revision: I do not target a new republic, the president’s attributions remain the same

President Traian Basescu said on Thursday that the draft revision of the Constitution is finished and does not provide „anything spectacular”, adding that he does not want a new republic, and the head of state prerogatives will remain the same as at present .

„The project is finished, I think that we should find out some peaceful time because now there are so many bills and I will send it to the institutions. To start with it must be sent to the Legislative Council and to the Constitutional Court, which have to pronounce with the observations. We will manage this process in such a way that, before the Parliamentary vacation the project can reach the Parliament and the committee for Constitution revision has enough time to consider proposals. What I can tell you is that nothing is spectacular. I do not target, as some speculate, a new republic. No! President’s attributions remain the same „, specified the head of state on Radio Romania Actualitati.

According to him, Parliament’s attributions will also remain the same. Basescu said he would propose at the same time to Legislative to approve the application of the vote resulted in the referendum linked to the Constitution revision – an unicameral Parliament and 300 lawmakers.

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