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Development Minister: Irregularities with four European funded projects


In connection with the European funds meant for the regional operational programme, which is managed by the Ministry of Regional Development and Tourism (MDRT), they found some irregularities in four projects, relevant minister Elena Udrea told the ProTV station.

The MDRT official said that the four projects were on Axis 2 of the programme (road rehabilitation), but offered no other details and added that she was expecting the official report. Udrea said that MDRT examined the projects that are submitted and approved financing, but did not conduct tenders, as it was the duty of the local public authorities to conduct them.

„These are problems that must be solved together with the local public authorities, which must understand that they could no longer do what they have been accustomed to doing, namely to introduce certain provisions favouring one company or another in task books. … The local public authorities must understand that they cannot avoid European regulations,” said Elena Udrea.

She made it clear that MDRT managed a 4.3 billion euro operational programme and MDRT was the first ministry in point of drawing European funds, with 3.8 billion euro contracts and 830 million euros in revenues.

„We want to finalize contracts for the entire sum of money this year,” also said Udrea.

The Minister said that, after the projects were approved, the money was sent by the ministry to the local authorities, which organize tenders. It often happens that either these authorities are not experienced in organizing tenders or many tenders are „visibly” meant for certain companies, said Udrea.


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