Governments in Bucharest and Chisinau to sign joint action plan

The Governments of Romania and the Republic of Moldova will sign a joint action plan, with a political preamble, during the joint meeting scheduled for June in Galati (north-east of Bucharest), Romanian Minister of Foreign Affairs Teodor Baconschi told a news conference he gave in Chisinau on Friday together with his counterpart of the Republic of Moldova Iurie Leanca.

„Seven ministries from the Romanian side and their counterparts of the Republic of Moldova will attend the meeting. The aim is to assume politically and validate an action plan that should have a political preamble, that should include big projects we shall finalize together,” said Teodor Baconschi.

Some of the projects suggested for discussion might be the ones connected to the coordination in European business, educational exchanges, transfer of expertise, culture and education. They are also to create a permanent mechanism for consultation on European questions.

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