Prime Minister Boc: Without administrative reorganization Romania loses European money in 2013

Premier Emil Boc, at Baile Felix (north-west of Bucharest), told the meeting of the National Association and Prefects and Sub-Prefects that, without the reform of the administration and the administrative reorganization, Romania would no longer be able to have access to European funds in 2013.

„Without administrative reorganization Romania loses the European money after 2013 as, you know quite well, it is only if they carry out the reform of the administrative reorganization, in point of the region development included, it is only in that case that Romania has chances to get the money from the next financial year of the European Union. If we do not carry out the administrative reorganization, we are not going to get money from the European Union. If we like to stick to the current structure we have been having since 1968, we shall go on making low performance, we shall have an administrative structure favouring clienteles, which is incompatible with what they say in Europe. That is why this vertical reform of the state can no longer be postponed,” said the Premier.

In the opening of the meeting Emil Boc made an extensive presentation of the reform measures taken by the Government after the „masked PNL /the National Liberal Party/ and PSD /the Social Democratic Party/ government” in 2007-2008, by resorting to „irresponsible policies” and populism, pushed Romania into crisis and made it sink deeper into the recession. The Prime Minister presented the reforms by means of which Romania managed to get out of the recession officially even if at high „political costs” for rulers.

Referring to the ruling programme that was made public by the opposition on Friday, the Premier made it clear that it would „be examined in detail.”

The Premier mentioned other reforms that will have to be carried out in the near future, namely the reform of the state owned companies, whose management will have to be privatized for it to make high performance and the reform of the administration and the administrative reorganization as well as another ten short, medium and long-term priorities of the Government, some of which are giving pride of place to multinational investments, the absorption of European funds, the support to the business environment.

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