Bogdan Aurescu: The Danube Strategy is a regional cooperation development vector

The Danube Strategy comes at the right time and can represent a vector of progress, of regional cooperation concrete development and it strictly depends on us to what extent we turn this opportunity into concrete benefits, Secretary of State with the Foreign Affairs Ministry (MAE) Bogdan Aurescu told a press conference on Monday on „The Danube Space – History and Making,” taking place at the Institute for International Studies of Cluj-Napoca (central-western Romania).

„Romania is involved in coordinating three significant fields of the strategy – the environment risk management, together with Hungary, the lower course navigation, together with Austria, and culture and tourism, together with Bulgaria,” Bogdan Aurescu pointed out.

The MAE Secretary of State, in context, mentioned that, in the attempt of concentrating the efforts after the adoption of the Danube Strategy on June 24 by the Council of Europe, the Romanian Foreign Affairs Ministry launched a national coordination system for all four axes and eleven priority fields of the Strategy’s Action Plan.

„The projects that we try to offer within this strategy are aimed at modernizing the transport infrastructure by creating intermodal systems – the Danube being the cheapest transport connection in our region – integrated sectoral development and navigation improvement. The ecosystems and natural habitats must be granted more attention. The green economy is based on innovation and research, which can create more jobs that the traditional economy and directly draw young people in new projects. Moreover, I believe an optimal modality of capitalizing the huge potential of some Danube regions or sub-regions is that of combining the current forms of institutional cooperation – governmental, trans-border and inter-regional cooperation – with partnerships among local communities,” Bogdan Aurescu said.


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