Manuscripts of Cioran fund, donated to Romanian Academy by George Brailoiu, reach Bucharest

The manuscripts of the Cioran fund, which were donated to the Romanian Academy by businessman George Brailoiu in April, reached the prestigious cultural body, head of the Manuscripts and Rare Books Department of the Library of the Romanian Academy Gabriela Dumitrescu told Agerpres on Saturday (May 28th 2011).

‘This is an action that was carried through, a patriotic and cultural act made by Mr Brailoiu, who kept his promise, namely to spend part of his money on these manuscripts, he promised he would bring them to Romania and donate them to the Romanian Academy and he kept his promise,’ said the former President of the high cultural institution, Academician Eugen Simion.

Businessman George Brailoiu, who last month bought Emil Cioran manuscripts at an auction held in Paris, informed publicly on April 12 that he had donated them to the Library of the Romanian Academy.

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