PM Berlusconi vows Italy’s support for Romania’s full-scale EU membership

Italy supports Romania’s striving towards becoming a full-scale EU member, Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi said at the beginning of the meeting at the Victoria Palace of Government with Romanian Premier Emil Boc, thus making reference to the objective of the Government in Bucharest for Romania to join the Schengen Area.

Berlusconi reminded that Italy has also „full-heartedly” supported Romania before 2007, during its preparation for EU accession.

„We wanted Romania to join the EU with all our heart and we are now siding with you again for acquiring full-scale EU membership,” said the Italian Premier.

Berlusconi also mentioned the intense trade relations between the two countries, given that Italy is Romania’s second major commercial partner, adding that potential still exists for the further development of Italian investments in the Romanian economy.

The President of Italy’s Council of Ministers said that the bilateral relationship between the two countries has ‘overcome the disagreements generated two or three years ago” in connection with the Romanian community in Italy.

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