Snow falls at over 2,000m

A 10-cm lay of snow has settled in Mount Bucegi, more than 2,000m high, following a blowing snowfall.

Omul Peak weatherman Petrica Nicolae says the temperature now, in late June, is minus 3 degrees Celsius and because of the sudden cooling more snowfalls are to be expected.

The sudden weather cooling brought snow on Saturday night to the Parang Massif at over 2,100 m, with the temperature drop in just two days being of almost 20 degrees Celsius.

„There is 5-10-cm snow on the Carja Peak and the Parangul Mare Peak. Virtually the entire Parang Massif is covered in snow at heights over 2,100 m,” head of the Petrosani Slvamont rescue service Dumitru Barlida said on Sunday.

Mountain rescuers are recommending tourists to avoid for the time being tracking to the high peaks of the Parang Massif until the weather gets hotter.

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