Minister Elena Udrea inaugurates new section of Mangalia Tourist Port

Minister of Regional Development and Tourism Elena Udrea attended on Friday the end-of-phase ceremony marking the completion of the intermediary development stage of the Black Sea Tourist Port of Mangalia (Constanta County, southeast), a project worth over five million euros that is co-funded from the state budget.

On this occasion, Elena Udrea voiced appreciation for the exemplary collaboration with local authorities on this project.

„Here, in Mangalia, we have projects worth 15 million euros underway and along the Romanian seashore we have highly valuable and important projects ongoing. We only provide financing, the investments are for the local governments to perform, and that’s why we called on the mayors to join forces with us so that we all pull in the same direction,’ said Udrea.

In his turn, mayor of Mangalia Claudiu Tusac said he is pleased this phase of the project was completed and thanked for the Ministry’s constant support, so that the Mangalia Tourist Port has now grown to a Black Sea yardstick facility.

„The Port of Mangalia became the center of Romanian yachting following the completion of this investment. Currently 75 pct of the Romanian yachts are berthed here, and henceforth Mangalia will be a reference for any yacht owner or organizer of regattas on the Black Sea,” said Tusac.

The Mangalia Tourist Port is the only Black Sea marina overhauled on European funds so as to meet European technical and quality standards that will enable its inclusion in the network of the most prestigious Mediterranean and the Black Sea tourist ports.

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