Bucharest Prefect calls on relevant local authorities to take measures helping residents weather sizzling spell

The Bucharest Prefect Mihai Cristian Atanasoaei called a meeting of the representatives of the authorities responsible for taking the measures aimed to help the city residents weather the sizzling spell, whom he urged to set up first-aid areas evenly located all over Bucharest and adequately signalled so that they may be easily found by the locals during these hot days.

First-aid tents are being set up in Bucharest, equipped with air conditioning and cold drinking water, while fixed first-aid points are set up inside various public institutions bearing the notice First-Aid Point for Hot Temperatures.

The National Weather Administration (ANM) issued a hot weather advisory warning about scorching heat Thursday throughout Sunday. The weather would be stifling hot on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, with the thermal comfort index expected to exceed the critical level of 80.

Highs will exceed 35 degrees Celsius on large areas, while in the Western Plains and the Danube Meadows they should go up to 37 degrees Celsius and even 39 degrees Celsius.

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