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Premier Emil Boc: City of Sarmizegetusa Regia is included in special administration area

The Dacian city of Sarmizegetusa Regia (western Romania) will be included in a special administration area, which is subordinated to the Government or the Ministry of Culture, after the model of the Danube Delta scientific reserve (eastern Romania), said Premier Emil Boc on Tuesday at Sarmizegetusa Regia in the Orastie Mountains.

„The solution we have now, in the Government, as a first option, is this one: special administration after the model of the Danube Delta and turning to account the potential [of the historical monument] by drawing European money,” said Emil Boc.

He said that the legal solution to this special area might be finalized in one month, as they need to solve several problems, starting with the status of the property and continuing with the involvement of Romsilva, of the Ministry of the Environment, which manages the area of the Gradistea-Cioclovina National Park, and ending with the archaeological vestiges and the way in which their cultural and scientific potential can be turned to account.

The Premier appreciated that the Dacian cities in the Orastie Mountains had an important potential of cultural development, historical research and organizing tourist events.

Premier Emil Boc was in the Orastie Mountains on Tuesday accompanied by Minister of Culture Hunor Kelemen, by prefect of Hunedoara County Attila Dezsi, by members of the national archaeological commission and by other representatives of the local authorities.

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