Corruption, wages, health system and rich poor gap, capital worries for Romanians

The Romanian people are currently very worried about the level of corruption, the wages, the health system and the gap between the rich and the poor, with 80 percent of those polled by a survey conducted by the Romanian Institute for Evaluation and Strategy (IRES) saying these are among their major cnocerns.

The survey’s results reveal that these worries are followed by those regarding the pensions system, unemployment, pollution or the state of the environment.

Out of the list in the questionnaire, Romanians are least worried by their personal economic state (64 percent), showing a higher degree of concern for the state of the environment (76 percent) or the country’s ruling classes (75 percent).

The state of the country’s economy worries young people aged between 18 and 35 less that it does the elders. As regards this aspect there are differences in terms of education of the respondents, the more educated, the less worried the polled proving to be.

The survey was conducted on the phone, on a sample representative for Romania, of 1,383 individuals, aged over 18.

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