Emil Boc: Gov’t has articulated a long-term strategy for Romanians from everywhere

The Government has articulated a long-term strategy, to support communities of Romanians everywhere, a project designed with five major goals in sight, Prime Minister Emil Boc stated on Friday, in the opening of the first edition of the Romanians from Everywhere Forum, organized on September 39 – October 1, at the Parliament Palace.

The Prime Minister mentioned among the five goals of this strategy, dedicated to Romanians outside the country’s borders, facilities for getting or recovery of Romanian citizenship and ensuring the necessary conditions for citizens to cast their ballots abroad.

„Dear Romanians, let me voice my joy because you use to identify yourselves as Romanians in the states where you live and work, despite difficulties you encounter, some of you. (…) It’s one thing that made me feel, once again, proud as a Romanian, because I saw, wherever I went, that regardless of hardships you were confronted with, and still face, you never stopped, not for a second, to identify yourselves as Romanians in the places where you have settled „, Boc said.

The Prime Minister pointed out items included in the Government’s strategy on the medium and long term related to the backing up of communities of Romanians everywhere: strengthening the links with the Romanians outside the boundaries, keeping Romanians everywhere cultural identity, easing the process of getting or recovering Romanian citizenship, a more flexible visa regime, the right to work for Romanians abroad, creation of a functional institutional framework in relationship with diaspora, providing the necessary conditions for the right to vote for Romanian citizens abroad.

Emil Boc also said that many of the Romanians who live outside the country’s borders raise their children in the spirit of Romanian traditions, being „proud to belong to a European and Euro-Atlantic community”.


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