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Grigorescu’s „Shepherd in the Doftana Valley” auctioned for 250,000 euros


The paintings titled ‘Shepherd in the Doftana Valley’ and ‘Return from the Fair’ by Nicolae Grigorescu (1838-1907) were bought on Thursday evening for sums of money exceeding 200,000 euros at the ‘Romanian Impressionism and Postmodernism’ auction that was organized by the Artmark auction house in Bucharest.

Thus, for ‘Shepherd in the Doftana Valley’ they bid up to 250,000 euros and for the ‘Return from the Fair,’ up to 210,000 euros.

Another leading item of the Artmark session was one of Grigorescu’s paintings too, ‘Peasant Girl with a Hemp Bundle Coming Back Home,’ which was auctioned for 105,000 euros.

The paintings of Nicolae Darascu (1883-1959) were also sold for high prices at this auction. The total value of the four Darascu pictures amounted to 103,500 euros.

The best-sold painting by Darascu was ‘Ships on the Danube’ (Valcov), 38,000 euros, followed by ‘Promenade in Venice, Seen from St Mark’s Square,’ 36,000 euros, ‘Sailing Boats at Chioggia,’ 24,000 euros, and ‘Saint Tropez,’ 5,500 euros.

Some other the works of art that were sold for high prices were: ‘On the Seashore’ (‘Old Mangalia’) by Ion Tuculescu (1910-62), 52,500 euros, ‘Paying a Visit’ by Rudolf Schweitzer Cumpana (1886-1975), 40,000 euros, ‘Winter Landscape’ by Jean Alexandru Steriadi (1880-1956) and ‘Japanese Scene’ by Camil Ressu (1880-1962), either of them sold for 20,000 euros.

The total value of the sales at the ‘Romanian Impressionism and Postmodernism’ auction amounted to almost 1,300,000 euros.

The next Artmark session will be the autumn auction, which will be held on October 20.


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