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Minister Predoiu: New Civil Code, a law of freedom


Minister of Justice Catalin Predoiu claims the new Civil Code which came into effect on Saturday, October 1, is a law of freedom and of equality as well, specially devised for a „lucrative, honest, intelligent Romania, a beacon of common sense in the Eurasian region.”

„This is a law of freedom. The institutions, either reformed or new rely on the fundamental right of freedom of will. This is a code of freedom, as it observes this superior idea in the field of law. The freedom to undertake, to test, to enterprise, to get or offer, the freedom to place family on a suitable basis for both spouses,” Predoiu said, according to a release sent by the Ministry of Justice.

„This is a code that invites towards enterprising, action, construction, cooperation, transaction, negotiation and conciliation. This is a code thought for a society that avoids the Court, being keener on creation and cooperation, rather than on dispute and confrontation. This is a code devised for a lucrative, honest, intelligent Romania, a beacon of common sense in the Eurasian region,” the minister of Justice said.

The new Civil Code came into force on Saturday and is to show its effect right from the start, but the lawsuits in Court based on the new rules will probably start in a few months.

Once Law 287/July 17, 2009 on the Civil Code comes into force, the Law that applies it comes into effect as well, on October 1, ruling a host of transitory measures.


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