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Advanced research universities, to receive more funding

The advanced research and education universities receive by 20-30 percent more places for Masters and Ph D and, therefore, more funding, Education, Research, Youth and Sports Minister Daniel Funeriu told a press conference on Monday.

According to the Minister, the revenues of universities where professors gained research grants will be extended.

„By extending the number of places for Masters and PH D, their financing amounts increased,” the Minister said.

Referring to the curriculum hierarchy, Daniel Funeriu believes that it is a very good instrument for defining the policy of higher education institutions.

Daniel Funeriu maintains that universities can be closed down at the founder’s request or by the Government in case ‘the rules for quality assurance are broken.”When the quality criteria are not met, we apply the law,’ Minister Daniel Funeriu underscored.

In his opinion, the university year starts under better auspices from the research point of view also, as approximately 300 research grants have been recently awarded that were exclusively assessed by foreign evaluators, the quality of research and the researcher being the only criteria taken into account in the assessment.

As far as the teaching staff selection procedure is concerned, the Minister said that these were far more transparent, the access to the positions of university lecturer and professor being done in accordance with the European standards.

He thanked the rectors for whom this year was the last one in this capacity, for the advice given in the new law draw up and voiced his total appreciation.

„In particular, want to give thanks to all rectors who, according to the National Education Law, took concrete measures for the universities’ and the entire university system in Romania regaining credibility,” Daniel Funeriu added.

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