Heating that freezes Romania: Basescu -Boc regime vote of no-confidence is rejected


Senators rejected the no confidence motion named Heating that freezes Romania: Basescu -Boc regime, on the heating subsidy, lodged by the parliamentary groups of the Social Liberal Union (USL – an alliance between the Social Democratic Party – PSD, and the National Liberal Party – PNL and the Conservative Party -PC),

Sixty-six senators voted in favour, 62 against and one senator abstained. Despite the fact that 66 senators voted in favour, the Senate’s plenary meeting rejected the motion as failing to get the required number of votes, namely 69.

The motion was rejected through the secret votes by most senators.

The leader of the Senate’s PNL group Puiu Hasotti said it is obvious that the Government no longer holds the majority in the Senate. A secret ballot showed that the Opposition has majority, Hasotti pointed out.

On the other hand, the leader of the Senate’s PDL group Cristian Radulescu said there is out of question that the Government no longer has the Senate’s support, although the balance is thin. The leader of the Senate’s PSD group Ilie Sarbu told the Democrat Liberals they had to get used to the bitter taste of the defeat, because it will happen ever more often.

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