Black Sea NGO Forum in Bucharest

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAE), together with the Federation of Nongovernmental Organizations for Development in Romania, the representation of the European Commission in Romania and the Black Sea Trust for Regional Cooperation, over October 6-8 organizes the fourth Forum of Nongovernmental Organizations in the Black Sea Region.

Doru Costea, Secretary of State with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Staffan Nilsson, president of the European Economic and Social Committee, attend the opening session of the forum.

The forum brings together representatives of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Georgia, Greece, the Republic of Moldova, Romania, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine and of other EU member states that are interested in the regional developments. The over 250 representatives coming from Romania and abroad are representatives of the civil society, of the diplomatic environment accredited to Bucharest and representatives of the mass media.

According to MAE, the above-mentioned meeting continues the tradition of the three previous forums and aims at facilitating the dialogue and the coordination among the nongovernmental organizations in the entire region and at strengthening their capability to make an efficient contribution to drawing up the development strategies and regional policies, the ones belonging to the European Union included.

Besides the exchange of experience of the NGOs, this year’s forum plans to stimulate the interaction between donors and project creators. During this forum the participants will debate the current situation in the region, the prospects of the regional cooperation at all levels, the place of the Back Sea region in the context of revising the European neighbourhood policy. They will evaluate the role the civil society can have in the processes of democratization and, on an larger plane, in the modernization of societies.

MAE supports the development of the civil society in the Black Sea region in the context in which its contribution to the change of societies is quite important. The civil society has a remarkable expertise, which can and must be used for the development and putting into practice of some efficient policies. The successful cooperation in the civil society is a model for strengthening the regional cooperation at all levels.

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