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NATO Parliamentary Assembly 57th Annual Session to start on Friday in Bucharest


The 57th Annual Session of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly will start on Friday, October 7, in Bucharest at the Parliament Palace.

Expected to attend the event, which lasts throughout October 10, are over 400 delegates and hundreds of journalists.

For the event, special security measures are being taken specific of parliamentary sessions, with special measures to be taken to secure the Henri Coanda International Airport, the routes travelled by the officials, the accommodation places for the participants and the areas where official events related to the main event area held.

The terrorist threat level was kept at Cautious for October 7-10, 2011.

The delegates to attend the NATO Parliamentary Assembly session will be extended a reception party at the National Opera House in Bucharest, where a drama show called ‘Don Quijote – Made in Romania’ (A Romanian Don Quixote) starring Dan Puric will be amounted, according to the show organisers. Secretary General of the Romanian Chamber of Deputies Gheorghe Barbu says invited to attend the reception party organised by the Romanian Senate are also members of the Standing Bureau and leaders of the MP groups in the Romanian Parliament and other personalities.

On Saturday, the Chamber of Deputies will be extending two dinner parties, one for the heads of the delegations attending the NATO Parliamentary Assembly session and the other for the secretaries of the same delegations.

The people accompanying the delegates will be devised a special schedule with events at the Sinaia mountain resort, care of the Romanian Senate.

Chamber of Deputies Secretary General Barbu last week unveiled some details of the event and presented some investment figures.

For this NATO event, the Romanian Government issued a decision this May under which it provided additional funds of RON 11.037 million for the Senate and additional funds of RON 12.086 million for the Chamber of Deputies.

The Chamber of Deputies’ plenary session hall was equipped with special clocks, microphones for each seat in the hall and a computer-controlled lighting system. The attendees will have access to the Internet at three Internet cafes.

Barbu mentioned that there have been no special requests from delegates and the equipping and other request were agreed upon with the Secretariat of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly.


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