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PM Boc: Germany is a fair partner to Romania


Germany is a fair partner to Romania, on which Romania could count in the past and can still count because it has always kept its word, Prime Minister Emil Boc said in a speech delivered at a reception party on Germany’s National Day.

”Romania has a privileged relationship with Germany. At political and economic levels, Germany is a model to follow, it is Romania’s biggest foreign trade partner and I want once again to assure our partners of Romania’s solidarity and determination to have German investments in Romania continue and support them by all means possible. Germany has been a fair partner to Romania, a partner on which Romania could count and can still count that has always kept its word,” Boc told the reception party extended by the German Embassy in Bucharest.

He pointed out that the Berlin Wall’s downfall in 1989 paved the way to democracy, freedom and dignity for the Romanian people, and Romanians will not forget that moment, which probably was the needed boost to get rid of communism.

„We have another fundamental advantage in our relations: the German community of Romania that built and continue to build a bridge between our nations. I am also assuring our partner of the Romanian Government’s determination to preserve the cultural traditions and potentials of this community for the future,” said Boc.

Chairman of the Romanian Senate Mircea Geoana said in his turn that at this time of crisis on the Old Continent and elsewhere in the world the European design has to be supported because it is the most important and generous project of the continent that is vital to all the member states in the ruthless competition of globalisation. Europe’s main economic and political engine, which is Germany, should serve as a model for the countries in the European periphery.

„One thing is sure as a lesson of the ongoing crisis, namely that the nations that have a strong industrial manufacturing base, the nations that have a strong educational system, the nations that have a fair and balanced social contract between the society’s tiers, the nations that do not live on financial speculations and rent are models of countries that can weather well the good and less good times because they have a special strength and dynamic. Germany is the prototype of such nation,” said Geoana.


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