Starting on Tuesday evening Bucharest’s Historic Centre has a magazine – „Cocktail”


Bucharest’s Historic Centre on Tuesday, October 4, added to its heritage of places and bars, restaurants and night clubs, where the people living in Bucharest can spend a few enjoyable hours, a magazine called „Cocktail,” which will bring both information on restaurants, cafes, pubs, parties, shows or films, and articles on the older or newer history of the Old Centre.

Cocktail magazine planned to bring to the attention of the capital’s inhabitants the atmosphere of the Old Centre as it is: cosmopolitan, colourful, in perpetual movement and development.

‘We want to make some changes and to bring something new. We shall try to develop the Old Centre on the cultural sector very, very much.

At the same time, we would want that the people living in Bucharest and all the other colleagues, friends and brothers to come to the Old Centre and discover the specific character of each place,’ Razvan Marin, one of the magazine’s initiators, said.

Daniel Mindirigiu, the initiator of the „Cocktail’ project and the magazine’s publisher, said that the magazine would have a bimonthly issue, would be distributed freely, the public having the possibility of finding copies both in the places of the Old Centre and in newspaper stands.

At the same time, he mentioned that the magazine could also be found online at the address and in the future they planned to develop an application for mobile platforms.

The first issue of Cocktail magazine in 40 pages presents interviews with people of culture, managers, architects and people working day by day in the Old Centre or stories about the Historic Centre.

Moreover, the readers can find in the magazine’s pages a detailed map of the Old Centre will all the places and restaurants, bars, pubs and night clubs and their location or addresses and phone numbers for restaurants and pubs, the places where shows or parties take place, as well as taxi cab phone numbers and tariffs.

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