ForMin Baconschi: We regard missile shield as project dedicated to North Atlantic Alliance future

Romanian Foreign Minister Teodor Baconschi on Saturday told the works of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly’s Political Commission that Romania regards the missile shield not only as a strategic project for the involved countries, but one dedicated to the future of the North Atlantic Alliance.

‘The Romanian Parliament will soon have to ratify the Accord on the implementation of the U.S. missile defence system recently signed in Washington, that represents a significant step for boosting the security both of Romania and of the United States of America.

As I have repeatedly underscored, Romania considers the setting up of the missile defence system elements in our country as being an important contribution for part of the future NATO missile defence system. We regard this thing not only as a strategic project, but as one dedicated to the Alliance future’, Baconschi said.

The minister stressed Romania is determined to work together with other allies in order to make the missile defence project be among the main results of the NATO Summit in Chicago due next year.

‘In this context, the Romanian Parliament’s ratification of the Accord on the missile defence system will enable it to take force hopefully by the end of this year, thus sending a clear message to our allies and partners that Romania is determined to make a substantial contribution to the Alliance security’, Baconschi said.

The missile defence is the expression of a renewed transatlantic tie and it will make NATO more powerful and more adapted’ to the challenges of the present, the Romanian official added.

Baconschi, in his address, thanked the Romanian lawmakers for their support rendered Romania’s involvement in the NATO missions and projects.

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