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Holocaust victims commemorated at Bukovina Museum of History


The History Museum of Bukovina (North East) in collaboration with the County Office of Suceava State Archives organized a ceremony commemorating the victims of the Holocaust, during which an exhibition was opened ”And they were like us …”, dedicated to commemoration of 70 years since Transdniestr Holocaust.

President of the Jewish Community in Suceava Sorin Golda recalled, on this occasion, October 9, 1941 events, when forced deportations began of the Jews from Southern Bukovina zone (Suceava, Burdujeni, Itcani, Radauti, Moldavian Campulung, Gura Humorului ) to Transdniestr.

„In Bukovina zone there were 200,000 Jews. Of them, about 50,000 have returned since ’43, ’44, when the fate of the war began to change. Today, the Jewish community in Suceava has a very small number of members, around 70, and at the county level there are 200 members. At this moment, there are five survivors of Transdniestr deportations in Suceava „, underlined Golda.

Romania commemorates on October 9, at the national level, the Holocaust Remembrance Day. This day was marked for the first time in Romania, in 2004, as established by a Government Decision, at the proposal of the International Commission for Holocaust Studies in Romania, headed by Nobel Peace Prize laureate Elie Wiesel, and of the Federation of Jewish Communities of Romania. October 9 is the date when, in 1941, the forced deportation of the Jewish population in Bessarabia and Bukovina to Transdniestr was started.


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