Inflation rate down to 3.45pct in September

The Romanian year-on-year inflation rate dropped to 3.45 percent in September from 4.25 percent in this August, show figures made public by the National Institute for Statistics.

September is the fourth consecutive month in which Romania registers deflation, with the prices fallin 0.21 percent from August against the backdrop of cheaper foodstuffs by 1.18 percent. At the same time, the services tariffs went up 0.56 percent and non-foodstuff prices rose 0.24 percent.

When compared to December 2010, the inflation rate was of 1.82 percent.

The Romanian Central Bank (BNR) set a 3 percent inflation target this year, with the targeted interval ranging from 2 to 4 percent (3 percent plus or minus one percentage point).

The BNR last inflation projection was of 4.6 percent for 2011.


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