Cernavoda n-power plant, ranked 5th among world’s nuclear units


Romania’s Cernavoda nuclear-power plant has been ranked 5th among the world’s nuclear plants in the latest international statistics, with a weighted capacity factor in excess of 96 percent over the past three years, SN Nuclearelectrica reports.

The same statistics indicate that unit 1 of the plant is first in Europe and unit two is seventh in the ranking of European nuclear-power plants.

In 2010, the Cernavoda plant supplied 10.7 million MWh for Romania’s National Electricity Grid, covering 20 percent of the national electricity demand.

Nuclearelectrica also says that the results of the plant were achieved under high conditions of safety and security for the population, the environment and the plant’s staff. Thus, no leakage of dangerous substances was reported and the collective dose recorded there is considerably lower than the average multi-annual values recorded for the same types of plants in the world.

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