Chamber of Deputies pass a declaration on commemorating Holocaust in Romania


The Chamber of Deputies adopted on Wednesday with 204 votes in favour, no vote against and 2 abstentions a declaration regarding the commemoration of the Holocaust in Romania by which they request that the Government should continue the programmes to commemorate and study the Holocaust.

In this document, the deputies say that „earnestly taking the past upon oneself represents a fundamental element of their responsibility for both present and future.”

„We voice our belief that it is our duty to remember the suffering of the victims of the crimes against humanity, against the Hebrews and the Gypsies, performed during World War II in Europe and Romania,” reads the declaration.

The Chamber of Deputies reasserts in their declaration „their determination to act together resolutely on the common ways of the parliamentarian life so that such tragedies should not occur anywhere ever again.”

The deputies reassert their commitment for the unabated support the actions meant to fight any acts of anti-Semitism or xenophobia, racial discrimination and intolerance, either by legislative or institutional ways.

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