PM Emil Boc: Today is a special day in the history of relations between Romania and Bulgaria


The first joint meeting of the Romanian and Bulgarian governments is a success due to the large number of documents signed and of the palpable results, and this day will remain a special day in the history of the relations between the two countries, Romanian Prime Minister Emil Boc on Wednesday told the press conference held jointly with his Bulgarian counterpart Boiko Borisov.

„The large number of documents signed is a main signal that this joint session was successful and had palpable results. Today is a special day in the history of the relations between Romania and Bulgaria. By the projects we signed we set the foundations of a new stage in the cooperation between our countries.

… Everything we have talked about today was recorded and held as evidence in our next joint meeting of our governments for the pragmatism of our bilateral relation,” Prime Minister Emil Boc said, adding that by signing the joint declaration for the creation of a high-level bilateral council of cooperation, the annual organisation of these joint meetings of the two governments was also agreed upon.

The two prime ministers showed there is a common potential of economic cooperation which has to be further capitalized on, considering that the amount of the trade exchanges between the two countries went up five times over the past couple of years and Romania became Bulgaria’s second partner within the EU.

According to the Bulgarian prime minister, the two countries are a major common market of 35 million people, which would guarantee new achievements in this area.

Prime Minister Borisov insisted to underline the importance of finishing the projects of building the bridges over the Danube, bur also of the agreement signed by the ministers of Defence of the two countries regarding the transborder operations of air police. „This agreement will provide a major source of money saving,” said the Head of Sofia Government.

Last but not least, regarding the tourism-culture cooperation projects, Prime Minister Borisov stressed that all foreign tourists visiting Romania and Bulgaria will see for themselves that both peoples have an ancient history and a lot of beautiful things that can be seen.

According to a release of the Romanian Government, the inter-governmental meeting held on Wednesday included on its agenda European hot topics regarding the implementation of the EU Strategy for the Danube Region, the two countries joining the Schengen Area, the Mechanism of Cooperation and Verification, the future multiannual financial framework of the EU, the economic governance, the cooperation at the Black Sea and the eastern border of the EU.

The delegations of the two governments also analyzed the aspects related to the bilateral cooperation, focusing on energy, transports, finance, transborder cooperation, education, agriculture, defence, home affairs, social affairs, environment and culture

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