Auto: Bogdan Marisca wins Moldova Rally, Valentin Porcisteanu wins the National Championship

The first edition of the Moldova Rally, a car racing in progress on Friday and Saturday in the Bacau municipality area gathering the best pilots of Romania, next to some very good ones from Hungary and Bulgaria was won by the Bogdan Marisca – Sebastian Itu team.

At the same time, the contest was a final stage of the National Rally Championship, in 2011 the title going to Valentin Porcisteanu, ranking fourth in the Moldova Rally. He takes over to the first place from the Hungarian Gergo Szabo, the winner in the contest’s 2009 and 2010 editions.

„I am very happy that after eight years of races I managed to conquer the title, more over that in the past three editions it went to foreign pilots”, the new national champion told Agerpres.

Ranking second in the competition’s general hierarchy, Bogdan Marisca was pleased with the success he sealed in Bacau.

„It is our first victory this year, it’s refreshing and encouraging for the next edition”, Bogdan Marisca told Agerpres.

The Moldova Rally included 11 macadam tests, which took place in the woods located on hilly, wrecked field in the Bacau municipality area, and two „super-specials” – the first on the Selena Motor Sport racing circuit and the second in downtown Bacau.

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