BNR to issue mint set dedicated to Romanian Athenaeum

The National Bank of Romania is issuing today, for numismatic purposes, a mint set with the year of issue 2011, including a silver medal, dedicated to the 125th anniversary since the start of the construction works on the Romanian Athenaeum.

The mint set will include the proof quality Romanian coins in circulation: ban 1, bani 5, bani 10, bani 50 and bani 50 commemorative coins – featuring aviator Aurel Vlaicu and ruler Mircea the Elder – as well as a silver medal.

The round, flat-edged silver medal is 28 mm in diameter, weighing 15.5 g

On the obverse of the medal, there is the building of Romanian Athenaeum, with the years of its construction ‘1886’ and ‘1888’, the year of the issue ‘2011’ and the inscriptions in an arc ‘ATENEUL ROMAN’ and ‘BUCURESTI’.

The reverse comprises the stage area of the main hall of the Romanian Athenaeum, a piano keyboard and a violin; on the outer ring, the inscription in an arc ‘125 DE ANI DE LA INCEPEREA CONSTRUCTIEI’ (125 years since the inception of building).

Both the medal and the coins in the set are of proof quality.


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