Boc: I recommend Romanians to be careful next year, the country could be affected if things go wrong in Europe


Prime Minister Emil Boc recommended to the Romanian people to be economically careful and moderate the year to come, voicing his concern about the economic situation in Europe which might affect Romania as well.

„For 2012, forethought, moderation and balance. We are not allowed to take any step back in reforms, we are not allowed to resort to any populist measure, the only thing we are allowed is to made decisions for the economic improvement, … ” said Emil Boc.

He says his priority for 2012 is to maintain the macroeconomic stability of Romania, reason for which he had reserves when asked what was his intention regarding the wages of the public servants the year to come.

„The Romanian people went through a great sacrifice in 2010, they supported the Government to reach this macroeconomic stability we enjoy now. We want to build on this stability and to offer as much as the economy wants. … We had to save the country from the economic collapse. Depending on the Law of the budget on 2012, we will know which is going to be the salary policy for the year to come,” Emil Boc said.

The prime minister mentioned the economic European context in his speech during the meeting held in Sibiu (central Romania) in order to make up and appoint the new commission of administration of the Liberal Democratic Party.

„Today, the solutions by which the European countries overcome the crisis are right-wing solutions. … I know we will struggle locally to explain the people but they know more and more what is going on because they have relatives abroad and they are told what the situation is like in Spain and Italy or Portugal. … If Romania has an advantage in attracting investors during these difficult times, this advantage is the macroeconomic stability we enjoy now. … We are not mentioned in any negative piece of news regarding the European evolution. However, the fact that the things are not so great in Europe can affect us over the years to come,” Emil Boc said.

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