If we have private health insurance houses, 15 million Romanians will go without having health insurance


No less than 15 million people would have no access to medical services, in case the draft law on setting up ten private health insurance houses came into force, president of the National Trade Union Bloc (BNS) Dumitru Costin told the debate on the ‘European Social Charter Today and Tomorrow’.

„If the so-called reform of public health in Romania is put into practice and, consequently, the National Health Insurance House [CNAS] is dissolved, we shall be in the position that 15 million people should have no access to medical services. The shortage of funds CNAS currently faces is brought about by the fact that it is only 5 percent of the more than 20 million people of this country that contribute to the health insurance budget. Even if things are like that, the state collects billions of euros from the insured persons’ contributions every year, but the funds they got this way are badly managed. Instead of using this money properly, the Romanian authorities want to make a reform of health, which will completely disregard the principle of the social solidarity, and millions of people who are on the brink of poverty will have no more right to medical services,” said the BNS president.

He also informed that he would take steps with the Council of Europe with a view to setting up a ‘contact point’ where the Romanians that are dissatisfied with the breach of one of the 31 provisions of the European Social Charter will be able to notify it.

„It is necessary that in Romania too there should be a system of collective complaints, as it happens in all civilized states. Citizens must have the chance of signalling to Europe that Romania does not do its homework or does not observe the provisions of the Social Charter,” also said Dumitru Costin.

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