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Minister Vreme wants more Chinese investments in Romanian communications sector


Minister of Communications and Information Society Valerian Vreme wants the Chinese investments in the Romanian electronic communications market to record an upward trend, the Ministry of Communications and Information Society (MCSI) informs in a release.

Valerian Vreme met the delegation of the China Development Bank, represented by Wang Gefan, managing director of Global Cooperation Department and Wang Tianwen, the commissioner for Romania, alongside the officials of the company Huawei Romania, Managing Director Jeff Wang and Vlad Doicaru, director of the division Enterprise for Romania and the Republic of Moldova. Also attending the meeting were Deputy Secretary General with MCSI Radu Bogdan Savonea and Valerian Vreme’s personal advisor Alexandru Cozma.

‘Romania is one of Central and Eastern Europe’s largest markets. Bucharest is the capital of the IC&T sector from south-east Europe and the human resource is outstanding, due to the large number of experts working in technology, IC&T, engineering. In addition, the Romanian Government is open to dialogue and to the suggestions proposed by the business milieu,’ the Romanian minister said.

Managing Director of China Development Bank Wang Gefan, on his first visit to Romania said that ‘he has no fear with respect to the safety of the investments in Romania’ and that he will continue to support all projects the Chinese firms have started in Romania. Moreover, without giving further details, the bank’s representative said that he intends to implement shortly in Romania other projects of Chinese investors.


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