Population and housing census in Romania – October 20-31, 2011


The Population and Housing Census is scheduled for the period October 20-31, 2011, in Romania, and will become a statistical landmark in the future policies of Romania’s social-economic development.

More precisely the census will analyse: the population ageing phenomenon, the increase in single person households or single-parent families, the evaluation of the number and structure of generations cohabiting within a family, the family structure in terms of number of children and of number of dependent children, the family structure according to kinship or parental relationship, the status of women within the family, the migration phenomenon, especially that of temporary migration, to work abroad, etc.

The population and housing census 2011 is the first one taking place after Romania’s accession to the European Union, which established that all member states carried out this action during the same year, thus offering the grounds for comparison among all member states.

The slogan under which the census is organised ‘Because everyone matters,’ reveals the fact that each person registered and each piece of information obtained within the census is significant in grounding both the EU and the national and local development programmes and projects.

National Institute of Statistics Chairman Vergil Voineagu has recently explained the purpose of research: „We must know how many we are, what are the changes that came up in the population structure, the social conditions, the housing conditions, the information related to population migration, to interior migration, to exterior migration.”

The INS Chairman also showed that during this census the data would be registered based on the free declaration and documents would not be requested. 120,000 persons will participate in the data collecting. INS estimated that 9,000 censors were needed in Bucharest, with a 10-15 percent backup added.

The preliminary results will be released in the first quarter of 2012, the final results going to be made known in 2014.

The census of 2011 is the third carried out in Romania after the fall of Communism, the first ones being those of 1992 and 2002. The last population census revealed that Romania’s population stood at 21.5 million inhabitants, out of which women represent 51.3 percent and men, 48.7 percent. Over 52 percent of Romanian citizens live in urban areas and about 47 percent in rural areas.

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