President Basescu wins court case vs. businessman Dinu Patriciu


Bucharest District 1 Court ruled that businessman Dinu Patriciu has to pay moral damages worth one leu to President Traian Basescu, in the court case where the latter accused the former of having tainted his image, through making public a video recording showing President Basescu as if he would have hit a child, during the presidential campaign in 2009.

Patriciu may appeal against the Court’s decision.

Judges ruled that Traian Basescu must be paid damages worth one leu by Dinu Pariciu, and the latter must also have the court decision published in two consecutive issues of three different Romanian dailies.

The Court of the Bucharest District 1 brought the case where Basescu blamed Patriciu for being behind making and spreading the small video film, back to the court, in April, and decided to have the parties cited to discuss the new evidences Patriciu’s lawyers attached to the file.

Basescu announced on Nov 28, 2009 that he was going to sue the Gardianul daily and businessman Dinu Patriciu for lying and counterfeiting the videotape.

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